The Dodson Murders were a series of 11 murders commited by Margaret Welkin. After accidentally poisoning her husband, she went insane and started poisoning other members of the town. She was caught 7 months later while trying to poison Edmund Cummerbund, the mayor of Dodson.


Charles Welkin was found dead in bed on the morning of September 23, 1837. The death was originally thought to be of natural causes, but was later deemed murder following a string of similar deaths.

The identical death of Emily Johnson, a local grandmother caused the townspeople to become suspicious. At first, they thought a disease was striking the elderly of their town, but the death of John Thompson, proved to them that there was true danger to the safety of Dodson's citizens.

Robert and Anne Brown were both found dead on December 15, 1837.

Margaret Jackson was the 7th victim

After the lynching of Tom Daniels, James Welkin was killed, proving Daniels to be innocent.


Tom Daniels was an early suspect. He was convicted and hanged, but the killings continued.